Adams is the birthplace of Susan B. Anthony and home to the Thunderbolt Ski Runners Museum. This town is located in the northern part of the Berkshires.

Did you know Adams is also home to IIvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? J.K. Rowling revealed this secret on June 28, 2016, but don’t tell anyone that the school is located on Mount Greylock. If you decide to ascend up the mountain to get to the school, you might feel, see, and smell the magic in the air. At 3,491 feet up in the sky, your senses will tingle for sure as you reach the top of Mount Greylock. Once you reach the highest point in Massachusetts, you will enjoy great views between the Berkshires and Taconic Mountains. Engage Your Senses™ with scenic views, flora, fauna, and lots of trails to hike.

Oh, and there are also 18 hikes in only tent sites on the mountain. For those wanting a little bit more comfort, there is the awesome Mt. Greylock Campsite Park, a 40-acre recreational park at the base of Mount Greylock that can accommodate everything from tents to RVs.

Adams also has one more wonderful and magical treat that awaits visitors and locals alike, the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum. Train enthusiasts and history buffs can enjoy scenic train rides from Adams to North Adams. And during the holidays, riders can board the Santa’s Mail Express with the big man himself, Santa! Holiday trains run on weekends from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Visit the museum site for details and tickets.

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Thunderbolt Ski Runners Museum

An amazing museum for everyone!


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