Clarksburg is a town bordering Vermont above North Adams. Drive far enough north of Clarksburg and you’ll find yourself in Stamford, VT in a blink. While there, you could drive by a set of big lions in front of a beautiful home. Sometimes, getting lost can be fun!

Clarksburg is east of Pine Cobble Mountain and the Clarksburg State Park where visitors can enjoy outdoor fun from picnics to camping. Hike, walk, or cross-country ski 9.5 miles of trails among 368 acres of northern hardwood forest. You’ll also enjoy canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing while taking in the beautiful views. Definitely plan on a picnic. You will not be disappointed.

At the tip of Berkshire County, you’ll enjoy nearby attractions to Clarksburg like the Natural Bridge State Park, Berkshire Art Museum, MASS MoCA, and Bright Ideas Brewing.

More Attractions

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Thunderbolt Ski Runners Museum

An amazing museum for everyone!


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